About Ira’s Pottery

Large Carved Vase, TealMy current work is made with stoneware clay and is functional by nature. By altering the thrown pot, combining hand-built elements, carving the surface and glazing I am trying to create movement, to let my pots dance.

The curled handles and carved surfaces are influenced by the life around me. I live in Florida, land of the endless summer, where wind, water and waves feed my creative soul. I carve patterns reminiscent of patterns in the sand when the tide goes out. Those curly handles come from waves breaking on shore and the glazing resembles falling water.

Most recently I have turned my view to the garden around my studio. Some handles have taken on a leaf like quality and I have been carving leaves on the surface of my vases, casseroles, bowls, cups, etc.


In terms of technique, my work is wheel-thrown, altered from the round to be oval, triangular or rectangular. Many times the pieces are combined with hand-building. There is a rhythm in switching back and forth between the different techniques in the studio that keeps work fresh. My favorite time in the studio is taking the different parts and assembling them into the whole piece.


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