Tour de Clay, The Collector’s Edition

Tour de Clay, The Collector’s Edition

Ira Burhans’ Clay and Paper Studio participates in the 6th Annual Tour de Clay

December 14 & 15, 2013

The theme of this year’s Tour de Clay is “Collectors’ Edition” encouraging attendees to think of their purchases as the beginning or continuation of their journey as an art collector. While you travel from studio to studio, find a style you like or an artist whose work you would like to support and make a purchase as a vote of confidence, a way to show your appreciation for their art work. It is a fun way to participate in the artist’s natural progression as their work evolves. Each purchase encourages them to create something new or better to add to your collection next year and the year after that.

There are 5 studios featuring ceramic works of 23 very talented clay artists. Tour de Clay is always slated for the second weekend in December, this year’s dates are: Saturday, December 14th from 9am to 5pm (9am to 9pm for the San Antonio Studio) and Sunday, December 15th from 11am to 4pm. There will be pottery demonstrations both days and all artists will be present to discuss their work and help you make your selections.

This Year’s Studio Locations are:
Pottery Boys Clay Studios
, 30 Bogie Lane, Palm Harbor (Hosts Glenn Woods and Keith Herbrand) 727-504-6200
Clay and Paper Studio, 110 Peterson Lane, Palm Harbor (Host Ira Burhans) 727-772-9570 or 727-644-0072
Hidden Lake Pottery, 16705 Hutchison Road, Odessa (Hosts Kim Kirchman and Mark Fehl) 813-920-4341
Wellman and Welsch Pottery, 17202 Whirley Road, Lutz (Hosts Kim Wellman and Harry Welsch) 813-961-7106
San Antonio Pottery, 11903 Curley St., San Antonio, FL (Host Jack Boyle) 352-588-4228

Saturday will feature a progressive kiln opening schedule. Each of the 5 studios on the tour will have at least one kiln to open on Saturday – see the schedule below to plan your day. Be part of the experience as each potter opens the kiln and discovers the treasures inside. There are a variety of types of kilns on the tour, each offering varied styles and results – it is an opportunity to learn more about the firing process and understand some of the special techniques each artist uses in the creation process. As a collector, this will become more important as you share your collection with friends and speak to them about the new piece of pottery you have just added to your collection. For complete information, detailed kiln opening schedule, and a tour map, please log on to:


Sunday is demo day. With a more relaxed atmosphere this is the perfect time to watch and discuss technique.

This Year’s Kiln Opening Schedule:
9:00am – Pottery Boys Clay Studio (30 Bogie Lane, Palm Harbor)
10:30am – Clay and Paper Studio (110 Peterson Lane, Palm Harbor)
2:00pm – Hidden Lake Pottery (16705 Hutchison Road, Odessa)
3:00pm – Wellman and Welsch Pottery (17202 Whirley Road, Lutz)
5:00pm – San Antonio Pottery (11903 Curley St., San Antonio)

Participating Clay Artists: Jonathan Barnes; Allen Bennett; Jack Boyle; Ira Burhans; Kimberli Cummings; Trevor Dunn; Mark Fehl; Michele Ginouves; Andreas Goff; John Kellum; William Kidd; Kim Kirchman; Vadim Malkin; Cory McCrory; Linda McGee; Brenda McMahon; Ken Shields; McKenzie Smith; Timothy Sullivan; Harry Welsch & Kim Wellman; Glenn Woods; and an emerging artist Anthony Powell.


Fundraising: As in past years, Tour de Clay picks a cause to raise money for through various fundraising activities at each studio. This years recipient will be WMNF Community Radio. In addition to WMNF the Pottery Boys Studio located at 30 Bogie Lane will support the Clearwater Free Clinic and raise money by taking donations for a chance to receive one of 4 pieces of beautifully crafted pottery donated by each of the 4 artists from this location. This year’s artists at this studio are: Cory McCrorry (Chicago, IL), Timmothy Sullivan (Atlanta, GA), William Kidd (Mirmar, FL), and hosts Glenn Woods and Keith Herbrand (Palm Harbor, FL). Also, in addition to WMNF, Clay and Paper Studio located at 110 Peterson Lane, Palm Harbor will support SHAMC (Safety Harbor Art & Music Center) and raise money by Spin the Wheel for Pots. Ira Burhans along with his 2 guest artists Alan Bennett (Bath ,NY) and Vadim Malkin (Orlando) will be donating prizes for Spin the Wheel. Patrons can make a donation to spin the wheel to win some fabulous clay works or a percentage off their purchase. 100% of the donations will go to WMNF and SHAMC.

We hope you put this event on your calendar, come out and start your collection or just get some of your Christmas shopping done and pick up something you can’t find just anywhere - perfect for that person who seems to have everything. Thank you for supporting the artists of Tour de Clay, and the following charities: WMNF Community Radio, Clearwater Free Clinic and SHAMC (Safety Harbor Art & Music Center).